How long does it take to complete a booking?
On an average, bookings complete within 2 working days. A booking is complete only after we receive 50% of the total booking amount. Enquiries made on weekends are subject to our hangover delays.

Can I pay the entire amount after reaching Goa?
To confirm your booking, we would need 50% of the total booking amount. The rest of the amount can be paid in Goa. We can also hang out and you can buy us drinks.

How do I make payments?
We accept bank transfer to M/S Goa.me. Do NOT make payments to any other bank account. We bank with Kotak Mahindra bank.

What is the cancellation policy for GoaRooms.in?
This usually depends on the room owner and how long before your trip to Goa you cancel. Cancellations within a week of your trip, will result in half the total booking amount being refunded. For cancellations made a month or more before your trip, room owners usually return the full amount minus any bank transfer fees. There are NO refunds for bookings made between 15th December to 10th January and for some long weekends (we specify these during the booking). Overall, we are very understanding with most situations.

What happens after I reach Goa?
Your contact at GoaRooms will direct you to the location and will be able to assist you in any way possible. If he / she cannot make it there personally, they will direct you over the phone or you may be directed by the room owner. You can also buy a beer. Sometimes if we meet you, we buy it for you.

Do you organise pickups and dropoffs to rooms?
We can, if you tell us before you get here.

Can you help me hire a motorcycle?
Yes, and a car as well if you need one. We cannot help you find or buy weed though. Don’t ask.

I don’t know what to do in Goa. Now what?
Check out our sister site, Goa.me, for information and tips about interesting places in Goa.

If I have any issues with the GoaRooms support, can I talk to someone else?
Yes, you most definitely can. You can send your complaints to our director, Luke. Feel free to use this form for complaints and feedback.

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